About Al-Cell

Al-Cell is an online store that specialises in electronics.
We have a range of products for personal use, students, companies and retail.
Al-Cell is an electronics store that specialises in a variety of modern day electronics to make your daily life in this technological world much easier by offering computer products to work faster, network solutions to connect faster and retail solutions to sell faster. In addition there are also security solutions to view and catch criminals faster with help of home alarm systems and security cameras. In this fast paced world you have to keep up and it is essential that you keep up with modern technology. But we all know how expensive modern devices can be so that’s why we have taken the bold step to offer customers quality products at great prices. That’s right, we offer great deals on our range of technology products. So that is why our slogan is “Our Price Is Our Pride!” We believe in this slogan and with all the products that we source we keep this in mind to offer our customers the best price possible.
In our store you will find desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, cellphones, tablets, headphones, network devices, smart watches, printers, and so much more. In addition you will also find a range of computer accessories and storage devices on which to save your files. With so much information at your fingertips you will need a place to store it. In this day and age we all have a need for these electronic devices whether you are student or working in corporate. If you’re a business owner or a retailer then these are products that you will need in your business so it is good to know that you can save if you buy these technology devices from Al-Cell. We offer a quality range of products that is paired with a good price. And if you’re lucky you could strike an even bigger bargain if you visit our specials section. We place products in the specials section on a regular basis. The trick is just to look out for it. And when the product is sold out the deal is gone. So maybe you should sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you don’t want to miss out a good deal. So we welcome you to browse through our various product categories to find what you’re interested in. You can then buy the product directly online through our website and we will deliver it. Our courier delivers throughout South Africa and directly to you.

So go ahead and take a browse through our website to view our selection of electronics and more. If you have any enquiries or special requests, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly sales team will be glad to assist you.


Our computer range includes laptops, PCs, keyboards, monitors, graphic cards, motherboards, power supplies, software, disk drives, mouses and a range of computer accessories. You will also find a selection of printers in our online store.

Mobile Devices

Our mobile phone range of products includes cellphones, headphones, fitness trackers, smart watches, tablets, modulators and a variety of mobile accessories.

Point Of Sale

For retailers who want to keep track of their cash and transactions we have retail solutions which include money counters, money detectors, scanners as well as fingerprint readers and till rolls.


When you use mobile phones and computers, you require storage devices too and we will offer different storage solutions as well. We have a variety of CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, internal hard drives, flash drives and memory cards to store your files and information.


We live in the era of communication so network solutions are key. You need to be able to connect with the world so we make sure that you can get it at your fingertips. On our online store we have a selection of modems, routers, extenders, access points, dongles, wireless networking options along with network tools, hubs and switches.

Stationary & Accessories

In addition to our electronics products we also offer a selection of office and stationery products like batteries, calculators, lamination machines, printing paper, office phones and VOIP systems.

Great Specials

You will also notice that we have a specials section where we offer great deals on some of our products during the year. But you have to act fast because these special offers are only available for a limited period or until stock is sold out. If you missed the deal, don’t worry because our prices are affordable that’s why our slogan is “Our Price Is Our Pride!”

Security & Surveillance

If security of your premises is a priority for you then you will love our affordable CCTV and security surveillance products. This includes access controls, alarm systems, power supplies, video intercoms, analogue cameras, IP cameras, CCTV DIY kits, DVRs and NVRs. Everything you need for the installation of your CCTV system you can find in our online store.


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