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About this product:

CAT7 through hole network cable pliers

(This kind of pliers can press through the throughhole crystal and cut off the excess core of the throughhole crystal head)


1. The telephone network cable is crimped, suitable for 8P/6P/CAT5/CAT6/CAT7 crystal head

2. With cutting and pressing function, the cutting part is equipped with a protective device to avoid work injury

3. The head of the tool holder is made of highhardness materials, which is light in weight, convenient to carry, and has a long service life.

4. The shape and size of the crimping line are consistent with the crystal head, and it is not easy to be misplaced, which can better make the connection between the twisted pair and the crystal head firm.

5. The blade is of good quality, the cut is smooth and free of burrs, and the distance between the two metal blades is moderate. Can easily cut off the excess core of the throughhole crystal plug, with UTP/STP round twisted pair function

6. The handle is nonslip, comfortable to use

7. The package includes: 1 pliers


Width 100cm
Height 210cm
Length 10cm
Weight 0.34kg

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