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1) Arround the installment please maintain this system and the printer is in the identical horizontal plane.
2) The constant pressure type for the ink system installment before , please defer to the instruction book let instruction operation , by guaranteed can achieve the best printing effect.
3) Loses the ink tube please to maintain unobstructedly , when use outside will set at the bottle mean spirited vent plug to have to open , otherwisse all will create for the ink not smooth cannot normally print.
4 The long time does not use the printer , please was mad the vent plug covers in order to avoid ink volatillity.
5) The printer in case the power failure unnusual switch , please use the hand to push a printing replacment , otherwise is extremely easy to create the nozzle to curs , stop up .
6) After printer use please infrequent weitch , in order to avoid the acceleration printer gets older.
7) When the ink fluid is lower than the warning water leval , please increase this system to assign the special purpose ink , in order to avoid creats the nozzle to stop up.

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