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Gaming brand “Sound BlasterX Series”, high performance USB connected gaming keyboard with English 104 keys + 5 macro keys. Adopted a custom mechanical switchPRES (PerceiveReactExecute Switch), which was designed and created with OMRON Switch and Device to realize a PRE (Perceive / Recognition, React / Reaction, Execute / Execute) experience. This custom switch boasts a high durability of 70 million keystrokes, and supports large key actions and a large amount of typing.
The PRES key switch uses a failsafe mechanism and crosspoint contact technology to reduce malfunctions, and each key has two switch terminals to reduce malfunctions due to oxidation of the key terminals and adhesion of fine particles.
With a pressing force of 45g and a light key touch, the PRES key switch has a short total travel distance of 3.5mm / pretravel distance of 1.5mm, enabling fast and comfortable keystrokes. Antighosting compatible 26key rollover function enables correct recognition of quick key input and simultaneous key presses
With 16.8 million colors of “Aurora Reactive Lighting System” LED, English 104 keys and 5 macro keys are equipped with RGB backlight to illuminate the key tops. Customizable by downloadable Windows driver & software “Sound Blaster Connect”
It is also possible to control music playback with media player software. In addition, it also has a Windows key lock button and a backlight key, so you can disable the Windows key and operate the backlight. Detachable palm rest included, also equipped with USB passthrough port

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