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'b7 Intelligent PoE
'b7 Red port supports 90W IEEE802.3bt
'b7 Web management with friendly interface and easy operation
'b7 250 m long distance PoE transmission
'b7 PoE watchdog
'b7 Plug and play

System Overview
DHPFS421816ET240 is a type of layertwo managed PoE switch. It provides 16 100 Mbps PoE ports and 2 gigabit uplink combo ports. The full load is 240W. With all metal design, the product has good heat dissipation and low power consumption, which can work in environments from 10'b0C to +55'b0C. The product owns powerful network management functions. Network management system supports CLI, iLinksView, web and network management software based on SNMP.

Uplink Combo Port
Two of the uplink ports support a selfadaptive 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45 port or a 1000 Mbps optical port.
Intelligent PoE
The switch features intelligent PoE power consumption management to help keep the power and data flowing, even when the switch experiences a power fault. Intelligent PoE monitors the power consumption of the connected devices, and in the event of large power fluctuations, the switch shuts down one port at a time rather than shutting down all ports. Unlike typical switches that shut down all ports as once, this switch shuts down the highest number port first, then the next highest number until the switch detects the power consumption is below the PoE budget. Green PoE can power on and power off according to time strategy. It can also realize PoE legacy support.
BT 90W
The red port supports the IEEE802.3bt and the HiPoE standards. The maximum power consumption is 90W.
PoE Watchdog
The switch employs an innovative PoE watchdog function that automatically detects a network port failure and restarts network communication on the port. This functionality avoids manual maintenance and network restarts, saving time and reducing costs.

Long Distance PoE
Longdistance PoE transmission extends the maximum transmission distance to 250 m (from 100 m), but reduces transmission speed to a maximum of 10 Mbps (from 1000 Mbps).
Various Operating Environments
The switch is designed to operate in severe environments and in temperatures ranging from 10'b0C to +55'b0C (14'b0F to 131'b0F). The switch includes a professionalgrade surge protection circuit that offers 4 kV (common mode) and 2 kV (differential mode) allport lightning protection. This protection reduces damage to the network from a lightning storm. The switch meets the Class B EMC standard and is suitable for residential, commercial, and lightindustrial applications.

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