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1) Product Description
This high frequency inverter has adapted SPWM technology, and It’s highly efficient reliable. The inverter has the certification ISO9001:2000 however, improper operation or misuse may still cause
Injury or loss, instruction and information provide in this
Manual must be followed all the time.

2) Technical Parameters

Model : 300W600W 1000W2500W 3000W3500W 4000W6000W
Input : DC12V24V48V (Not Automatically)
Voltage : AC220V+10% 120V+10% (Not Automatically)
USB Output : 5V/2.4A
Loss When No
Load 1A 1.5A
Output Wave : Pure Sine Wave Modified Wave
Surge Power : 600W1200W 2000W5000W 6000W7000W 8000W12000W
Frequency : 50Hz+05.Hz Or 60Hz+05.Hz
Efficiency : 85%
Over Voltage : 16V 30v 60V
Low Voltage
Shutting : 9.5V 20C 40V
Temperature : 80`b0C
Temperature : 10`b0C +45`b0C
Note: Keep dry and air circulation around the power supplier, NO flammable item within 3.28ft to prevent the cause of fire.
3) Protective Feature
1. Overload Protection: when overloading 125%, the inverter will send alarm and stop working
After 20 seconds. Once the loads are reduced to accepted level, the inverter will resume working. Once work with overhigh rated power, the inverter will stop working right now with
The red indicator flash and alarm” DiDiDi”. N the device will reset automatically, but it won’t work if still over load during restart time, it’s necessary to power off to help it back to normal.
2. Short circuit Protection: the inverter will turn off with short circuit.
3. Overtemperature Protection: when the inside temperature of the inverter reaches 80C, the RED indicator will light on. The inverter will stop working, once the temperature drops to accepted level (lower than 75C), the inverter will resume working automatically.
4. Low Voltage Protection: when the battery’s voltage is below the setting level, the inverter will send alarm by beeping. When the battery voltage keeps dropping to its shutting level, the inverter will beep, and the RED LED indicator with light on, the inverter will stop working, when the battery voltage is increased to its restart level, inveller will resume working automatically.
5. OverVoltage Protection: when the input voltage is higher than the safety level, the inverter will stop working with the red led indicator on, when the input voltage back to normal, it will resume automatically.
6. Reverse Connection Protection: once there is reverse connection, the inverter’s fuse will be burnt. In this case, please switch off the power supplier, disconnect the power source, change the fuse (replacement comes with the inverter) could help it’s work back to normal
7. LCD Display: inverter displays data on the LCD screen with a variety of states, the detailed introduction as the following page.

4) Installation
1. The function of inverter is to convert the DC 12V/24V voltage into 110230V AC, before connection, please make sure the inverter is POWERED OFF.
2. Connect the red cable (comes with the Inverter) to the Positive pole of the battery, connect the Black cable (comes with the inverter) to the Negative poly of battery. Do not connect the cable reversely, otherwise the fuse will be burnt.
3. Turn on the inverter’s power switch, the green ( blue) indicator light is on, indicating that the inverter’s is working properly.
4. Please connect the loads to the AC output of the inverter, do not connect device with overload. In the case of overloading, the inverter will send alarm and stop working. To restart the inverter, please firstly switch off the inverter more than 5 second, reduce the loads and reset the inverter to help it back to normal.

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