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This Digital inline IF signal strength meter is exactly what the DIY enthusiast needs to align any satellite dish for optimum reception. It can be used for both digital and analog reception.
This meter can save you a fortune in call out charges!

Important to Note: This is an entry level device and therefore it does not support Diseq or SatCR and does not allow for skew angle set up.

LCD display
DC pass to LNB
Inline IF signal strength meter
Button operation

To avoid a continuous full scale reading, do not use the Satellite Finder directly in front of the dish.
When using a LNB with gain higher than 60dB inserts a 5dB attenuator between the LNB/LNBF and the Satellite Finder.
The Satellite Finder has optional 4LED on the front panel indicating:
A) LED marked with 22KHz: The receiver is sending a 22KHz signal, used to switch some LNB to the high band frequency.
B) LED marked with 0Hz: The receiver does not send the 22KHz signal.
C) LED marked with 13V: Indicating the satellite receiver is switching 13V power to switch the LNB’s vertical polarization.
D) LED marked with 18V: Indicating the satellite receiver is switching 18V power to switch the LNB’s horizontal polarization.

Frequency Range: 950MHz ~ 2150MHz
Input level range: 40dBm ~ 10dBm
Input impedance: 75Ohms
Supply Voltage: 1318V DC
Operating temperature: 0`b0C ~ +40`b0C

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