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DTV Universal Power Supply for Explora Decoders (DPS50)

Upgrade your viewing experience with our DTV Universal Power Supply, specifically designed for use with Explora Decoders and other compatible DTV devices. The DPS50 ensures a reliable and efficient power source, providing uninterrupted entertainment for your home.

1. Universal Compatibility:
The DPS50 is tailored to seamlessly power Explora Decoders and other compatible devices. Its universal input voltage range (100240V AC, 50/60Hz) ensures versatility across various regions, making it an ideal choice for homes with diverse power requirements.

2. Robust Electrical Performance:
With a carefully engineered output voltage and current, the DPS50 delivers stable power to your Explora Decoder, optimizing its performance. The power supply is designed to meet the specific requirements of DTV devices, providing a consistent and reliable power source.

3. Advanced Protection Features:
Safety is a top priority. The DPS50 incorporates multiple protection features, including Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), and Over Temperature Protection (OTP). These features safeguard your devices from potential electrical hazards, ensuring a secure and worryfree viewing experience.

4. EnergyEfficient Operation:
The DPS50 is built with energy efficiency in mind, minimizing power wastage and contributing to a more environmentally conscious entertainment setup. Its high efficiency rating ensures that power is converted with minimal losses, reducing overall energy consumption.

5. Durable and UserFriendly Design:
Constructed with quality materials, the DPS50 is built to withstand daily use. The compact design and lightweight build make it easy to integrate into your entertainment setup. The included userfriendly connectors and clear cable instructions simplify the installation process.

6. Compliance and Certification:
Rest assured knowing that the DPS50 complies with relevant safety standards and regulations. It is RoHS compliant, contributing to the reduction of hazardous substances, and bears the CE marking, signifying adherence to European conformity standards.

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