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Protein leather head pad, ensures comfortable and stable wearing for a long time
USB 7.1 Surround Sound interface, Our highend headsets uses 7.1 surround sound this is optimal for FPS players. 7.1 means there is a eightchannel surround sound.
Havit gaming offers all kinds of gaming headsets with a great gaming design and lightning.
High sensitivity microphone, transfers voice more precisely, clearly, smoothly.Shrinkable hose microphoneeasy to adjust the position and ensure the highquality calls.
Comfortable and generous sense of grip, easy to use volume controller, combined with one button for mic mute.
A shell full of technology feel with LED luminescence, the specter of darkness is noticeable
Red Led Lights On both Sides
Dual 50mm ultra Speaker Drivers Reduce Distortion – Provides louder sound, more accurate and smoother ingame audio.
Shocking sound gives you a sense of reality.
Angle Adjustable Microphone Design – Easily adjust to microphone to the angle you need
Convenient inline Audio Controls – Easytoreach volume adjustment, with microphone muting function
Ultimate Comfort for Prolonged Gaming Experience – Soft and breathable earmuff, made of premiumquality memory foam

Impedance:32`b115% `d9
Frequency Response`a3`ba20 Hz – 20KHZ
Red backlight | Nylon braid cable | Remote control on the cable
Headset Interface Type: 7.1 usb plug

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