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Hikvision consumer E1 series Micro TF card is ordinary version, choose higher quality storage medium for higher performance. Up to 92MB / s read and 40MB / s write speed, etc.
The Speed Grade is up to Class 10 or V30. Extend compatibility, widely applied to mobile phones, cameras, tablets, especially for Hikvision security cameras or deivces,.
For fast data storage, it can also be used to install smallcapacity industrial control system.

Size: 64GB
Max read speed: 92MB/s
Max write speed: 40MB/s
Medium type: TLC
System file: FAT32
Working Temperature: 0 – 70 degree
Storage Temperature: 25 85 degree
Compatibility: microSDHC, microSDCX, microSDHC UHSI, microHDXC UHSI

Package Include:
1x 64GB Hikvision TF Card

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