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The NonContact Thermometer adopts infrared technology which is mainly used to measure the temperature in a contactless way such as the area of the forehead and temple of the human body. It aims to perform stable and accurate temperature measurement. Users only need to point the probe head on the forehead and press the measurement button, and the body temperature can be measured quickly and accurately in one second.

Uses: It is primarily used to measure body temperature.

Shows the result after about one second when the buzzer sends out a prompt sound
Encompasses temperature unit, prompt sound switch, temperature alarm point, temperature offset, and measurement mode
Has LCD display with color description: 32.0 C 37.4 C Green, 37.5 C 37.9 C Orange, 38.0 C 42.9 C Red

Display Range: 34.8 degrees Celcius 42.5 degrees Celcius
TEMP Resolution: 0.1 degree C/ degree F
Maximum Allowable Error: +0.2 degree Celcius
Measuring Distance: 3cm5cm
Memory Array: 32 units
Auto Standby Function: 20s
Power Supply: DC.3V (AA x 2)
Size: 150x96x44 mm
Weight: 123g

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