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NATURAL HANDMADE WOODEN CIGARETTE HOLDERS – ecofriendly, made from 100% natural quality materials.

HANDROLLED CIGARETTES The fit depends on the filter size used and the way the cigarette is rolled

HEALTH & HYGIENE: cigarette holder prevents nicotine stains on your fingers and partially reduces the inhalation of nicotine and tar.

Smoke Without the Smell!

Of course, the flavour’s great, but the stench of cigarettes on your fingers is anything but pleasant. Smooth on the outside and spacious on the inside, our timeless standard cigarette holder will free your hands of the smell of smoke once and for all! Talk about a burden lifted!

Bring Back Tobacco Smoking from a Bygone Era!

Whether you wish to resurrect vibes from classic Old Hollywood or a rugged Prohibition speakeasy, a wooden cigarette holder is the ideal accessory for you. No matter what your scene, a cigarette holder always looks stylish. You’ll never tire of your Land of Wood cigarette pieces, the confidence they give you, or the edge they add to your smoke sessions!

Made for anyone, anywhere!

We crafted all 2 of your cigarette pipes to be versatile, so you can use them when you’re kicking back at home or out with friends having a smoke on the weekends. If you’re not a seasoned tobacco pro, don’t stress: a set of 2 slick and 100% ecofriendly cigarette holders is the perfect way to kick start any paraphernalia collection. And if you’re a rollyourown smoker, they’re the musthave accessories for no filter tobacco smoking. As a friendly reminder, this product is designed for use only with standard sized cigarettes.

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