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A Lenovo laptop charger with the specifications “20V3.25A USB” typically refers to the power adapter that is designed to charge or power a Lenovo laptop. Let`s break down the description:
Voltage (20V): This indicates the output voltage of the charger, which is 20 volts. Laptops require a specific voltage to operate and charge properly, and Lenovo laptops often use 20 volts as their standard voltage requirement.

Amperage (3.25A): The amperage, often represented as “A” or “amps,” is the measure of electrical current provided by the charger. In this case, the charger can deliver a current of 3.25 amperes. The amperage determines how quickly the charger can provide power to the laptop. Higher amperage means faster charging.
USB: The “USB” designation typically means that the charger has a USB TypeA or TypeC connector, which is a standard interface for connecting and charging various devices, including laptops. This may allow you to use the charger for other devices that have USBcompatible charging ports.
To ensure compatibility, it`s important to verify that this charger is suitable for your specific Lenovo laptop model. Different Lenovo laptops may have different charging requirements, and using an incompatible charger can damage your laptop or be unsafe. Always use the charger provided by the laptop manufacturer or a certified replacement to avoid any potential issues. If you need a replacement charger for your Lenovo laptop, it`s advisable to purchase one from an authorized Lenovo dealer or directly from Lenovo`s official website.

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