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A power supply with the specifications “12V10A DC 5.52.5” can be described as follows:
Voltage Output: The power supply provides a constant voltage output of 12 volts (abbreviated as 12V). This means that the electrical potential across its output terminals remains steady at 12 volts.
Current Output: The power supply is capable of delivering a maximum current of 10 amps (abbreviated as 10A). This indicates the amount of electrical charge the power supply can provide per unit of time.
DC Output: The power supply produces direct current (DC), as opposed to alternating current (AC). In DC, the electric charge flows in one direction only, which is suitable for many electronic devices.
Connector Type: The power supply uses a 5.5 x 2.5 mm barrel connector. This is a common type of connector for DC power supplies and is often used in various electronic devices, such as routers, LED light strips, and some types of consumer electronics.
In summary, this power supply is designed to deliver a stable 12volt DC output with a maximum current capacity of 10 amps, and it utilizes a 5.5 x 2.5 mm barrel connector for connecting to compatible devices. It`s important to note that when using a power supply, the voltage and polarity of the connector should match the requirements of the device you are powering to ensure proper functionality and prevent damage.


Width 14cm
Height 20cm
Length 20cm
Weight 0.0513kg

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