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12 VOLT-10 AMP

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It seems you are looking for information on a “ZATECH CCTV Outdoor 9CH Power Supply” designed for CCTV (ClosedCircuit Television) systems. A 9channel power supply unit for CCTV cameras typically provides power to multiple cameras in an outdoor surveillance setup. Here is some general information you might find on such a product:
Power Channels: This power supply unit has 9 channels, which means it can provide power to up to 9 CCTV cameras simultaneously.
Outdoor Use: The “CCTV Outdoor” designation indicates that the power supply unit is designed for outdoor installation. It should be weatherproof and capable of withstanding various environmental conditions.
Voltage and Current: These power supplies typically provide DC (Direct Current) voltage to power the CCTV cameras. The voltage and current ratings can vary, so it`s important to check the specifications to ensure they match the requirements of your CCTV cameras.
Protection: Outdoor power supplies often come with protection features like surge protection and overcurrent protection to safeguard your CCTV equipment from power surges and other electrical issues.
Connectors: The power supply will have multiple output connectors, usually in the form of terminal blocks, to connect the power cables of the CCTV cameras.
Power Cord: It should come with a power cord for connecting to a standard AC power source.
Mounting: Outdoor power supplies may come with mounting options for easy installation, such as wall mounts or enclosures.
It`s essential to check the specific product`s documentation and specifications for detailed information, as different models and brands may have variations in features and specifications. If you have a specific question about the ZATECH CCTV Outdoor 9CH Power Supply, you may want to refer to the product manual or contact the manufacturer or distributor for more detailed information.


Width 245cm
Height 65cm
Length 210cm
Weight 1.538kg

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