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With the year coming to a close and the holidays on the way, you are likely looking forward to a stress-free summer. But before you completely switch off, you may need to relook at one area of life in preparation for 2023, especially if you intend on working from home or adopting a hybrid working model in the new year. There’s more to this unique productivity environment than searching for laptops online. 

At AlCell, we’re here to help you plan for an effective year to come. Here are three factors to consider to boost your productivity with minimal effort. 

Adequate Equipment 

Depending on the nature of your work, your employer may have provided you already with a desktop or laptop. However, if you are a contractor, freelancer or even self-employed, you will need to find adequate and suitable equipment to get the job done. 

More than that, you need a power setup to ensure you can work through power outages. This can include an electrical inverter system or even hiring professionals to wire up a generator to your mains.

Reliable Connectivity 

Without stable and reliable internet services, you will struggle to work from home on a long-term basis. There are numerous reputable fibre companies available in SA today that offer affordable internet and good-quality service. You will also need to consider a backup, whether a mobile device or UPS system, to help you avoid any downtime during power cuts. 

Designated Space 

Setting aside space within your home for working requires more than just the hardware and furniture. You need to consider where power points are for the best space usage as well as convenience. Sitting uncomfortably to ensure all your devices stay plugged in is not ideal or safe. 

The worldwide health pandemic forced many industries to change the way they operate, and as a result, more jobs than ever are WFH (Work-From-Home). You may be one of those employees who can take advantage of this benefit. Most employees had to quickly put together operational spaces from within their homes with company resources. But as the world returns to a state of normalcy, you may be interested in learning how you can make it more effective. This article can be useful in helping you make the right purchases this festive season before you wind down. 

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